We provide development services for the Plone Content Management System

What is Plone?

Plone is a powerful open source Content Management System (CMS). Plone's strengths include its excellent security record, focus on ease-of-use and usability and the large range of community-developed add-ons available.

Why use Plone?

Though suitable for many types of website, Plone really excels at the enterprise level.

It's particularly suited to sites that:

  • have high volumes of content;
  • require fine-grained workflows;
  • have many (maybe thousands) of concurrently logged-in users;
  • need scalability out of the box;
  • are integrated with other systems e.g. Active Directory.

Signify knows Plone!

Signify have been undertaking web development in Plone since 2006. We've built both intranets and public websites for various New Zealand Government agencies.

Interested? Talk to us to find out more about how we can help with your digital project and Plone.

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