User Experience

Understand your users to make visits to your site a satisfying experience

User Experience Research and Design at Signify

Signify has User Experience specialists with decades of involvement in Interaction Design and User Research who can assist with a range of methodologies to design and develop effective, efficient, and satisfying User Experiences.

Signify will work with you throughout the project, and beyond. Starting with the discovery phase, where our specialists will help you to identify your target audiences and their needs. Followed by the prototyping phase, where we can conduct rapid prototyping iterations to refine the User Experience until it becomes an intuitive process for your users. Through the development and testing phases, to ensure the objectives have been met. And after release, with bench-marking to report on improvements and areas for future attention.

Services and advice

Projects can include:

  • Analytics reviews
  • Content Inventory and Auditing
  • Heuristic Evaluations
  • Personas and Scenarios
  • User interviews
    • Intercept interviews
    • Field research
  • Usability testing
    • Card sorting
    • Tree testing
    • Prototyping
    • Task based observation

Signify can conduct research on your behalf to deliver Visual Designs, Information Architecture, and Usability Reports to provide advice and guidance on look and feel, content, and functionality. We also support you after go-live by setting up monitoring systems to enable review of live engagement and usage.

Customisation and support

We can also help identify issues with your current site and present options for meeting your objectives. As with everything we do, we will work closely with you to prioritise your issues using your goals and our solutions for direction.

Signify is also considerate of you and your authors, editors and site administrators, as the users of the CMS, and will tailor and refine content creation and maintenance to make it easier for you to keep your content fresh and dynamic.

Our custom solutions for applications can also be tested for both the public and your staff to ensure your application's public interface is clear and simple while the learning curve for your staff is as gentle as possible.


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