Blind Kiwi

Help Kahu our "Blind Kiwi" get home via our IOS or Android adventure game.

The Problem

Everyone enjoys playing games, at Signify we have some really talented people so why wouldn't we want to showcase their skills! We decided to create something cool by developing a game for ourselves where we can involve our family. Importantly it needed to have a real Kiwi feel good factor.

The Brief

To develop an application which showcases our 3D skills, while also including a way for our wider family and friends to be a part of our creation. It had to have a New Zealand flavour and be unique enough to stand out in a saturated games market.

What We Did

We got together and brainstormed, and developed a prototype based on "Kahu the Kiwi." We soon included our family and friends, commissioning some original music, sound effects and some smart graphics.

Special mention needs to go to our tireless Kiwi wranglers:

  • Dan Brosnan – Design and Development lead
  • Rob Fitzpatrick - Solution Architect
  • Eric Cresswell – Artwork
  • Matt Dawbin – Testing
  • Matt Wesdock – Sound
  • Dante St George – Sound

The net result is a 30 level adventure game where you can help Kahu (the Blind Kiwi) find his way to his nest through a series of challenging mazes, with each level getting progressively harder as you progress.

We had a lot of fun with this project and gained a considerable appreciation for the effort involved in creating a feature length production.

Technology Used

Unity 3D 4.6, C#, Soomla SDK, Android SDK, XCODE, Unity Ad Framework



  • Blind Kiwi
  • Blind Kiwi 2
  • Blind Kiwi 3
  • Blind Kiwi 4
  • Blind Kiwi 5

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