Grosvenor Fund Manager needed to rebrand their Umbraco site, they choose Signify

The Requirement

Grosvenor Fund Management wanted to change their name and their existing Umbraco site needed a quick refresh with the new branding. The only issue was that we didn't originally build their site!

What we did

We obtained a copy of their site source code and spun up new development, quality assurance, and user acceptance testing sites. The branding was still to be signed off, however the timeframe required us to immediately start build. To ensure the deadline was met, content also needed to be loaded prior to the site being finished. The net result, welcome to Booster! The desktop design was done in house by Booster with Signify responsible for the mobile design (responsive design).

The Technology Used

Umbraco, HTML5, CSS3 and CSS media queries.


  • Booster home page
  • Booster kiwisaver

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