KiwiSaver Fund finder

Fund finder compares the hundreds of different KiwiSaver funds and helps users find the one that works best for them

The Problem

Our web design partner and brand design agency ChromeToaster asked us to develop the “back end” web build portion of the new Fund finder tool for the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (CFLRI).

What We Did

Signify built this website jointly with ChromeToaster. ChromeToaster designed the site and built the front end html, css and javascript. Signify set up the website itself, including the mechanisms to regularly import the massive amount of Fund finder data, process it, and make it cleanly accessible for the front end.

Because of the structure of the KiwiSaver data, and the versatility of the theming engine, Signify opted to build the site in SilverStripe. We worked collaboratively with ChromeToaster’s front end developers to ensure our behind-the-scenes work would integrate easily and smoothly with the front end without compromising on any part of the design. 

Technology Used



  • Fundfinder Screenshot1
  • Fundfinder Screenshot2

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