Sleep-e for Android

Sleep-e for Android is a sleep aid app combining original relaxing music by Martin Hunter and fun sounds. It is available on the Android Play Store in both free and paid versions. Sleep-e enables us to demonstrate all the features of a mobile application development to our customers.

The problem

At Signify we like to do things differently, one of our developers wanted to complete some professional development working with mobile applications so we commissioned an internal project to build an android version of our iOS based ambient sleep-aid. The project had an element of fun although we ran it as a proper agile development project where we included new features and functionality while incorporating original music files.

What we did

We wanted the new Sleep-e to have some original music, so we partnered with Martin Hunter of Muszeo. Jointly we selected three tracks which we believe really exemplify the soft relaxing music which will provide the ability to gently fall asleep.

Two versions of the application have been created with a free version that incorporates banner advertising and a subset of music and sounds. The second paid version with out the advertising also includes two more original music tracks.

We incorporated Google Analytics to enable us to track the latest usage and also any sales. While we don't expect to make lots of revenue, Sleep-e enables us to demonstrate to our clients how the application store(s) work and also what analysis tools are available.

Technology used

Intel App framework, Android Crosswalk. Cordova plugins for Admob, Analytics, Media and Device Information were used while the Cordova plugin for Media was also amended using native Java to improve volume control. The music tracks were re-mastered with Audacity.


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