Unity 2D based game for both Android and iOS

The problem

We got bored so we built a game. Game development is a great showcase  of our skills as it utilises multiple disciplines including; music, graphics, design, integration, build and of course testing.  

What we did

The original idea came from another of our projects, we realised that we had a number of existing artefacts that would quickly enable us to build a fun application that is easy to play and gives instant gratification. After all what is more satisfying than smashing a block? Smashing lots of blocks!

We set a target of 4 weeks for the core development and involved the wider team during the design process, this greatly enhanced the game features and through some clever thinking we added; traffic lights, Ice, Mystery, and lava blocks to the original idea. 

We incorporated Unity Advertising as a way to track usage and provide us with further experience outside of the standard Apple and Google advertising offerings.

Technology used

 We used Unity 4.6, Unity is a flexible and powerful development platform for both 2D & 3D games and interactive experiences.

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