Signify Brewing

We love our Beer, our customers are always welcome to come and try it with us!

Our Story

At Signify we realised the team enjoyed their beer and often on a Friday we would easily go through a couple of dozen stubbies of varying flavours. Mike remembering his youth and the many hours spent with plastic barrels, malt extract, sugar and exploding bottles decided he needed to reignite his passion and every boys dream to be a Tui Brewer!   (he comes from the Wairarapa, need we say more)

So we have invested in a Williamswarn microbrewery. This microbrewery was conceived and built right here in New Zealand and enables 23 litres of commercial quality beer to be brewed every 7 days. Once brewed the beer can be drunken straight from the tap avoiding the need for bottles.

Now Mike and Matt D have taken it upon themselves to become master brewers. We are not sure when they will achieve the standard, however the beer still gets drunk on a Friday and after work. Customers are always welcome to come and taste our latest creation.

01/05 Now Drinking - Signify Foxton Fix,  (Cider) Straight from the tree in Foxton, crushed in the kitchen at Khandallah, Brewed at Signify!

Our first from the tree to office, a year in the making, we know the total history of this cider, who can predict if its drinkable!

The Technical stuff:

The Cider is being fermented at 23.0°C  at a pressure of 1.6 bar.