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    Signify achieves 2 million users

    Over two million Kiwis now visit a Signify supported website each month!

    Some of NZ's largest websites choose Signify Maintenance - Find out how you can too! 

  • Easy Sign On

    Easy Sign-on

    Signify’s Easy Sign-on makes submitting online information easy. No account creation or login required. All you need is a simple email address to receive the Easy Sign-on access “token”. Enjoy privacy without having to remember complex user IDs and passwords.  

  • Form IT 2


    Signify’s Form-it solution gives shape to your online submissions. This simple but versatile admin interface can analyze and mold submitted data for online application records, document storage, electronic registers, directories, and many more…

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    Innovative Mobile and Web Development

    Signify offer websites, intranets, responsive development, mobile development, and consultancy for all things web. For website development we have considerable experience with the Plone, Drupal, SilverStripe, and Umbraco content management systems.

  • Miramar Ship Index

    Miramar Ship Index

    New Drupal 8 Site Provides Ship Information to a Global Client Base.

    “Signify is so easy to get on with. I would never think of going anywhere else,”
    Roger Barrington Haworth - owner and author of the Miramar Ship Index


  • Skills Active

    Skills Active Aotearoa

    "We had a pretty big vision for our new website and Signify helped us to realise that vision. They were very creative, professional, and great to work with."
    Maren Frerichs - General Manager Industry Engagement


  • Poppy Places 2019

    Poppy Places

    "Poppy Places Trust is certainly appreciative of the interest, support and development shown by Signify to more than meet our needs."
    Terry McBeth - Chairman


  • Myrtle Rust

    Myrtle Rust

    “The team at Signify helped us articulate what we needed and develop what we wanted. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

    Zoe Ogilvie - Senior Adviser Engagement, Long Term Programmes


Signify – a Smarter Web Company

Kia Ora, hello! Signify is a Wellington-based web development company. We specialise in creating websites and mobile applications that are usable, accessible, functional, and striking while at the same time meeting the goals of our clients. At Signify, we work with a number of different products and solutions, specialising in flexible open source technologies, to match everyone's requirements to the right kind of solution. We also have in-house specialists who can help write your website content and even translate it into other languages; ensuring you get the right tone, and get right to your target audience, wherever they are in the world.

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Signify is the caretaker of over two million web pages for our customers

Signify Dragons Den

Signify is pleased to announce the creation of the Signify Dragons Den. We will provide expertise and investment up to $200,000 as long as the requirement is ethical, makes sound business sense and we believe together we can make it successful. Ideas can be anything from a social media idea to some business software.

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Software Security

Signify takes the security of our applications very seriously. All software has vulnerabilities and it is how you deal with these vulnerabilities that is important. We encourage all our clients to subscribe to regular security patching of their operating systems and applications. Sometimes, however, this may not be enough to fully eliminate issues.

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Signify Brewing

Now brewing Signify Lite. At Signify we realised the team enjoyed their beer and often on a Friday we would easily go through a couple dozen stubbies of varying flavours. So we invested in a Williamswarn microbrewery. This microbrewery is built right here in New Zealand and enables beer to be brewed every 7 days.

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