Making web experiences accessible to everyone

Why Does Website Accessibility Matter?

In short, an accessible website increases your potential audience. Web accessibility means developing, designing, and adding content to a website in a way that any user can follow – such as people with limited computer literacy, or people with disabilities.

Web accessibility is about more than helping users with a disability. An accessible website will allow your content to be accessed by users of different and older technologies. Accessibility ‘best-practice’  (such as labelling images with alt text) can have an indirect positive impact like improved page rankings for search engine optimisation.

Signify and Website Accessibility

Signify aims to make all our websites accessible by removing barriers which prevents users from accessing online informs.

When building a website we follow the recommendations laid out in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and have applied these guidelines and earlier standards . These are the same guidelines the New Zealand Government has included in its Web Accessibility Standard.

Website Accessibility Audits

Signify offer Website Accessibility Audits to ensure your websites meet recommended accessibility standards.

We use a combination of automated tools, screen readers and manual checks using our custom checklists. Once these accessibility checklists have been undertaken, Signify outlines the priorities and suggested remedies for any errors discovered.


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