Audits and Reviews

Is anybody out there? Are you getting the best from your website?

The Web is a complex place

The web is no longer about about flashy websites - what matters is web presence. Businesses need to think carefully about their presence, who their customers are and whether they are being visited or not.

How can Signify Help?

At Signify we use our web knowledge and 10 years hard-earned experience to help you achieve the best 'web presence' possible. It starts by listening: once we understand your goals, we then review your website presence by:

  • Auditing the technology and platform to ensure it is healthy and secure, and able to support your future
  • Studying your information architecture to ensure the right content can be found by the right people
  • Measuring accessibility and usability.
  • Assessing your social media awareness

We then provide you with a report detailing the health status of your website and tangible suggestions you can implement immediately, with a road map to future change.



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