Technical Architecture

Creating a solid infrastructure to achieve your website goals

What is Technical Architecture?

Technical Architecture is the high level design and structure of a system, the website itself or the infrastructure it sits on. Technical Architecture helps break down complex systems into something more understandable.

It can help with:

  • Managing risk - high level issues can be identified and mitigated in advance.
  • Enabling communication between those involved in building and using a system on how it should come together.  This allows changes to be made relatively easily.
  • Allowing for more accurate budgeting and scheduling
  • Improving the quality of the end product.

Technical Architecture at Signify

At Signify we design systems, with a focus on websites, whether intranet, extranet or internet.

The level of complexity of a design can vary, a very simple website doesn't need a complex architecture, while a large popular website requires high availability and redundancy.

Issues typically considered in our technical architecture work include:

  • infrastructure and deployment
  • structure and functional elements of the potential solution
  • security
  • integration
  • the relationship and flow between systems
  • data 


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