Helping our customers get the most value out of their website.

Content Management training

At Signify, we like our clients to get the most that they can from their sites and to be comfortable administering them. To achieve this, we offer content management training for Plone, Umbraco, Drupal and SilverStripe.

We begin by determining the level of expertise your nominated site administrators currently have and looking at what areas of the site will be updated most frequently. We would then take you through the steps involved in facilitating changes on your site, including refreshing content and managing users, if relevant.

We also provide excellent training documentation, which is a great supplement to our practical training.

We can provide training here at our offices in central Wellington, or if your facilities allow, we are more than happy to provide your training onsite.

If you do not already have a Quality Assurance (QA) site at where you can practice entering real content on a duplicate copy of the site, we can set this up for you. This allows you try out administering content in a perfect replica of your live environment before you need to reproduce it for public viewing.

Technical training / Handover

We are also happy to work side by side with your development or IT staff as partners in order to provide knowledge transfer of our development processes and of the specific work we have done. Our approach would be to work with one or two key support staff in order to enable a handover.

Ideally we would liaise with them in regular project meetings through the course of the project, so that a continual knowledge transfer takes place. Then, post User Acceptance Testing (UAT), we would work with these key staff to assist them in understanding the implementation of the solutions from a more detailed perspective. This will be assisted by requirements and solution documentation produced as part of the requirements analysis and design.

Webmaster training

We enjoy working with you to create a training package to suit your team including content management,  Search Engine Optimisation, Google analytics, and everything you need to master your site.


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