Writing for Impact

“Easy reading is damn hard writing” – Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Writing well on the web is no different to any other written medium. It captures and holds the reader’s attention, so that the writer’s message is understood.

Good web writing starts with understanding your users. You need to know your audience to make your website stand out.

Design is important, of course, but design and copy go powerfully well together. Think of a website that’s impressed you - chances are it’s both nice to look at and easy to read. 

What makes for good web content?

  • Audience connection – The best sites know who they are targeting, and speak in their language.

  • Less is more – Redundant words get in the way of your message.

  • Easy flow – Good writing is like stepping stones leading the reader logically from one point to the next. Jump around too much and their attention will drift elsewhere.

  • Be current – Nothing turns the web reader off more than outdated content.

Website Content Audits and Ongoing Content Strategy

With links to top writing professionals Deborah Collis and Brad Tattersfield, Signify can draw on over 50 years of excellent in-house and freelance writing expertise to help ensure a comprehensive online presence.

Deborah is a former award-winning international journalist at Reuters in Europe and Asia, and Brad has over 30-years’ experience as a successful Wellington journalist and communicator for organisations of all sizes.

They can offer web content audits to understand and evaluate the performance of your content against business goals and user needs. We use this to develop an online content strategy by planning the content creation, delivery, and governance. Signify can design and create the right web platform for you - and our communications specialists can help bring it to life by helping you ‘Write for Impact’ so your website connects with the clients you want.


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