Signify’s Form-it solution | Give shape to your online submissions

Form-it’s unique combination of form-submission functionality combined with the SilverStripe CMS provides clients with a simple way to manage online applications, registrations or submissions all in one place.

The simple workflow enables you to readily manipulate the submitted data to suit your specific needs, whether that be permits or claims, electronic registers, online document systems, or something completely different.

“Everyone wants to move to a paperless society but people need to fill out forms for all kinds of things. Form-it can tailor submitted e-form data in any way you need, or link data to your own CRM applications,” explains Mike Walczak, Managing Director of Signify.

Easy application process

The form auto-saves inputted content so applicants can easily pick up where they left off. There is also a drag-and-drop field for easy multi-format file uploading and removing.

Versatile admin interface for simple workflow

Form-it’s versatile admin interface enables you to keep a tally on who and how many people have started a submission process, filter data using different parameters, or export data for more in-depth analysis.

  • Simple workflow
  • Frontend and backend functionality
  • View or sort records
  • Flexible search
  • Export to CSV
  • Approve applications


Why use Form-it?

There are countless applications for the Form-it product, but here are a few examples to give you an idea:

Application for claims/permissions/permits

Signify originally designed the Form-it online submission management solution to help New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice build a website that enabled the submission and public display of claims for customary rights under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 (including the ability to draw a claim area on a map of the New Zealand coastline).

Electronic registry and directory

The Form-it solution is also being used to help Health and Safety New Zealand create an online fee-paying register of health and safety practitioners for public access.

Document submission and management

Form-it will also help Courts of New Zealand streamline the submission of court-case files. Legal firms will also use the system to view documents filed for individual cases by the defense and prosecution, and monitor payments for document submissions online.

Form-it can be used as a stand-alone solution or combined with Signify’s Easy Sign-on tool, which enables senders to access forms or update data securely using a simple email “token” instead of a user-ID and password.

Signify is all about service. We have a versatile bunch of developers and project managers who can tailor the Form-it or Easy Sign-on solutions to deliver the exact functionality you need, when you need it. If you are interested in finding out more, Contact us.