Signify OIA

Workflow to ease OIA request management

Official Information Act (OIA) requests are subject to ever increasing oversight. Agencies are under pressure to meet legislated timeframes to respond, and volumes of requests are increasing.  

Tools used to manage OIA requests can be unwieldy, complex, and expensive at one end of the spectrum, or as simple as emails and spreadsheets at the other end. At the simpler end of the spectrum there is risk of missing the legislated timeframe due to the manual approach to OIA management. Signify OIA solves this problem!

Our Solution

We have developed and implemented a dedicated Web Based Application which assists New Zealand Government Departments and Local Government agencies, manage and process OIA requests.

The application has been designed to manage multiple types of requests using the same interface.

Off the shelf the application is designed for managing and processing

  • Official Information Requests.
  • Ministerial Requests.
  • Media Requests.
  • Privacy Requests.

Th application assigns Timelines and Ownership responsibilities together with all correspondence relating to a request. This information is collated and securely stored in one place.

Signify OIA can

  • ingest request information from a web page
  • create a new request ready for
    • scoping,
    • acknowledgement,
    • assessment,
    • and approval for release.
  • Once processed the “Approved Response” can then be sent to the requester and published on an agency’s website.

All inputs and outputs of a request are readily available for review, should the response be questioned by either the requestor, the Ombudsman’s Office or Privacy Commissioner. (Full Audit Reporting and Summaries).

This application was designed to meet Official Information Act & Privacy Act requirements, and is provided as a subscription-based Software as a Service offering meaning there is no infrastructure requirement.

The application itself is easy to implement and produces immediate Return on Investment. If there are requirements to meet some specific application we have the expertise to customise the application to accommodate other business workflow requirements should they be required.

View a short video about our Submit tool that Signify OIA is heavily based upon below...

Signify is all about service. We have a versatile group of developers and project managers who can create solutions to deliver the exact functionality you need, when you need it. If you are interested in finding out more about Signify OIA, Contact us.