Content Management System Upgrades

In life there are only four certainties; births, deaths, taxes and Content Management System upgrades!

Like taxes, Content Management System (CMS) upgrades can’t be avoided. But unlike life, they can cheat death by being given a new body with improved features.

CMS Upgrades at Signify

Signify uses technology with an appropriate upgrade path to ensure clients can always have the latest features. Competitive advantage is about time to market and taking advantage of the latest capability. 

At Signify:

  • We can upgrade your CMS platform no matter what version you are currently running
  • We can advise on the best upgrade path for your site
  • We won’t recommend upgrading for the sake of it
  • Our maintenance contracts can include automatic upgrades, if clients prefer to spread the cost of future upgrades over the maintenance life of their current version
  • Bottom line, however, is security. Irrespective of your CMS version, we will always apply the latest security patches when available.

 As with all upgrades, we never suggest “bleeding edge”: there is no benefit to being first unless there is a compelling business reason for it.

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